Relaxation Guaranteed At Seville

You’re a person who travels a lot, and stay in hotels already a habit has become you? Does it cost to relax outside your House because the rooms aren’t as comfortable that should be? If this happens to you, you commented that in Seville is about to open a hotel dedicated exclusively to rest and good sleeping guests. Not for nothing he will take name of dreams with us. It will be in charge of the prestigious hotel chain Silken, and among some of its features you can appreciate an excellent relaxing background music, massage, aromatherapy service, and mattresses and pillows very varied will in its more than five hundred rooms. Whether for pleasure or business trip, you can not know him. This new project will give Sevilla the honor of being first in Spain with a hotel of this kind. Having read this far, you’ve surely you been wanting to know a little more in detail all the features that this new hotel will offer you. If so, now delve a little bit more:- as the aromas are very important, since nothing better than sleep with good fragrances, all rooms at dreams with us will have aromatherapy service, being predominant Lavender fragrance. -For those who believe nothing better than good mattresses and pillows for sleeping, not only tell with mattresses reinforced in the lumbar area, to avoid pain and contractures that guests will also have a selection of 5 pillows of different sizes, so you will find that best suits your body.

-The music also helps to relax. This is why that the hotel will have background music in all its facilities, with a selection of themes designed exclusively to make you relax, and thus promote a good night’s rest. -Finally, there is a phrase that says: belly full, heart happy, in this case should be, belly full, pleasant dream, because besides having delicious dishes, this hotel will have with the particularity of having ingredients that promote good digestion; and it is known that a correct digestion, is ideal to be able to sleep well. -If everything said above you think little, furthermore you can count with Turkish bath, sauna and massage services. Ultimately a totally recommended hotel if you want a different experience, something outside of the ordinary, and above all make a mimo to your rest. Talalay latex mattresses.