Real Residual Income

Here are some of the approaches that work best and better have worked for have a good income with certain products in a MLM System. When you choose a product to start an MLM business are you looking for the best product in the industry? Because if you do that let me tell you that we began badly because it is not searching for the best product in the industry but the best product for the industry, i.e., the product that best works for this type of business system in which the rotation has to be fluid and stable if we want to build a real residual income. Thus, the product which you like more or which provides more benefits does not necessarily has to be which sells better in a MLM System. And what are the products that are best sold in a MLM System? Because of unlimited RECONSUMO, i.e., products that can be consumed repeatedly over and over again now that the nature of the product does not impose any restriction or condition for this purpose. For example, if we have a product that prescription must be eaten only once a day now we have a resitriccion because I can not consume more than 30 in a month. A product of this type will have a slower rotation and, therefore, will not be the most suitable for a distributed in a MLM System. A second criterion to take into account is that the product should be one that really would amount to the people, i.e., one that consumed it by the pure fun of it and not because there is an obligation or necessity to do so. A product that people are looking for simply by the fact that causes you to consume it and which does not impose any restrictions on its consumption is a winning product in an MLM.

Think in the case of Coca Cola for example. It is not a product of necessity and, however, has a very high level of consumption. Why? Simply because it causes people to consume it. Then, when you go to choose a product to distribute in a multilevel don’t think both a necessity, think about what people care about. Be necessary does not always mean to be important. Finally I recommend if you are going to eat something to consume what you more than you like or you need but if you are going to distribute something in a MLM system you distribute what is consumed faster. Original author and source of the article.