Quanta Time

It knows the places and the respective given services; when it enters in the ice cream parlor already has previously defined the type of ice cream and the flavors to be placed in the packing for vov. the covering it always varies, pointing several and deciding themselves for all. She knows the father where works and almost always she wants to pass there for seeing to compliment it. If they ask to it where it is going, a clear reply and it needs: ‘ ‘ sse vov’ ‘. In these occasions it is not of much chats: she says tchau to all, she pulls the hand of vov and points the way to follow, after all, it knows already it very well. She is never worried about the canseira of the legs, therefore she knows that it is enough to stop in the front of vov and to raise the bracinhos to understand the necessity and to assume the obligation. She always demonstrates to be tired in the ascent; but she goes down of the col of vov and leaves as soon as running she arrives at the square and she sights the drill-drill of the Z. To the times she comes back toward house sleeping in my arms.

I contemplate it while it sleeps placidly: a flash of projected life of the Cosmos through pueris luminescences; soft fragrance of the eternity Quanta beauty and simplicity candy and meigo emanate of that one rostinho! quanta confidence it deposits in this vov! I remember myself of the time where she was its mother who I loaded in the col, with the same love, the same affection. It saw me, at that time, growing while he guided and he supported growth of it; being thankful Skies for having sent it and it for having come. Gifts thus, true celestial gifts, are very expensive. They are jewels of inestimable value offered to the existence human being stops showing in them that the beauty of the conception of the life could perfectly always be admired in the semblante of a child who sleeps.