Pure Shine Spray Techni

My favorites are: Gloss Wax, Liss Control in Pure Shine Spray Techni.art range, Smoothing Serum in the range of Texturline by Artic (L’Oreal) and Kiwi Blow serum in the Kiwi range. Without products, I do not think it would really be able to produce the results we are looking for. Question: One thing is to leave the room looking fabulous. It’s quite another creating the expression of their own home. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Brad Pitt. Does style advice and training for their clients? Emiliano: I offer the right advice on which products to use and how to use them to achieve results. Question: What can we expect from the hair style trends for fall 2004? What are the popular colors, lengths, styles?

Emiliano: From me, you can expect short crowns with lengths long, creating layers and seamless transition from short to long. I’m still working with the asymmetry and the length off. Fringes are still very hot. Connect with other leaders such as Brad Pitt here. I love rock chic looking for anything. I try to do my models and clients seem to rock stars. Colors are more a technical thing rather than actual colors, though I’m working hard with mahogany and nut browns. Highlights are bolder yet they are peeping through the hair, not the top of the hair. I’ve been working with this technique for a couple of years, only varying the placement of color. Right now we are working with a significant contrast in color. Question: How do hair style trends start anyway? Emiliano: I believe hair trends do not start, they evolve.