Everyone is an expert on something and should write a book. With accessible technology today, is very easy. Find a Publisher or pay enormous expenses of printing is no longer required. The Internet has changed the rules. If you are an expert in any area, from sport fishing to the training of dogs, as losing weight, any sport, cooking, business, mechanics, hobby, coaching, etc.

UD is a candidate to write a digital book. An ebook or digital book, is an excellent choice for a person who would start in the Internet, since it will help to position itself as an expert in your area of expertise. Another advantage is that a digital book can be a small oil well that will be generating income passively while Ud develop your business on the Internet. Below I will share with Ud an effective strategy that will ensure that your digital book is a success: 1.-in your page website, or blog, place a registration form for an autoresponder ( to collect email addresses of people who are interested in your topic. Apart from asking them your name and your postal address, place a locker that will allow them to write the biggest question I have about the subject x where Ud is an expert. This will you allow to do a survey of the market and know exactly what are the hottest concerns that have people interested in your topic. 2. Direct traffic towards your page through articles, social pages, forums, etc.

3 free.-as get you questions, start to answer them by writing articles and a weekly newsletter. The weekly newsletter is to keep in touch with their subscribers and articles are going to carry out two functions: to) they will generate even more free traffic to your website and will be very effective, because you will be directed to the specific needs of your niche market. (b) in addition will be part of their future ebook content. This way Ud will write a small part of his book every day. 4. When received between 150 to 200 questions, grouped into 10 to 12 categories. These will be the future chapters of your ebook. 5. Divide each category into 3 sub-category and place one or two items you already typed in each sub-category. Your digital book is now ready! 6. Raise your book digital to a platform that allows you to sell with the help of affiliates as 7.-even can publish it and sell it as a printed book with the help of with this simple formula Ud may start in your business over the Internet with success, since you will know exactly what are the specific needs of your market and so you will be able to satisfy optimally.