Board should be laid on top rack and fasten it to them and to the wall (if the board goes along the wall) – is to the top of the frame. We cover the resulting skeleton leaves are thick plywood or particleboard. The entire perimeter fasten leaf to the frame with screws. We recommend choosing a waterproof plywood FK brand or PSF (high water resistance) thickness of not less than 15 mm and water resistant chipboard 2,5 cm Mark the hole for a bath and cut out of it (Fig. 10.6).

For marking the hole is convenient to use a long, straight and flat bar and patterns. Often, manufacturers are making bathrooms special template, mark the hole on which it is not difficult. To cut a hole, use an electric jigsaw or handsaw narrow. It remains to add that for the manufacture of the frame, we recommend use boards 5×10 cm (specialists call them "fifty"). As an attachment is best to use nails and screws with corrosion-resistant coating.

Remember that, by itself, acrylic bathtub has a relatively small weight, but weight-filled bathtub, taking into account your weight, can reach several hundred pounds. Therefore, the frame should have high strength, and for its production, we recommend using only quality materials. When the frame is built, you can install the tub. Correctly (and easier) to install a bath after that, as the surface of the frame covered with tiles. But sometimes it's impossible – for example, you have not picked up a tile appropriate color or pattern, and a bath is already on the aisle in the middle of the apartment and annoys everyone in the house.