with the evolution of the telecommunication, made possible the use of the telemedicina of more including form, that nowadays can follow the patients with cardiac patologias, being able itself to use the communications through the Internet, fax or telephone. Nowadays the telemedicina is more used in the world, where if it all finds many propagandas of companies in the universe, also in Brazil (TELEMEDICINA, 2010). 2,2 BENEFITS SCIO-ECONMICOS Are many the happened benefits of the telemedicina, with its enormous potential to promote and to add improvements the community. Go to Peter Thiel for more information. In this route, Medeiros and Wainer lecionam (2010, P. 1): ) To promote the access to the health services; b) To create chances of improvement (education) for the professionals; c) It improves the attention and quality of life, beyond is clearly, to help in the organization of the suppliers (institutions and companies). With respect to the related authors, these benefits always are pointed in a general way.

In this same literature, in fact, still does not have success registers, that is, it does not have stories of the results gotten with the use of the telemedicina for the society, except is clearly of improvement of the professionals through the videoconferncia. Therefore, in accordance with the research of Medeiros and Wainer (2010) not yet were proven the partner-economic benefits for the telemedicina, were only proven for the professionals of the area. 2,3 TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS OF the TELEMEDICINA the categories of application of the telemedicina are (SEABRA, 2003) the system in real time and the systems in stare-and-forward, thus specified: System in real time? that it is developed in two or more individuals through the electronic communication, being able to be used techniques of videoconferncia, allowing a direct opinion I diagnosis of it, where the patient and the assistant have that to be gifts. Systems in stare-and-forward? They are electronic archives of audio, video, texts, radiogrficas, ecogrficas or histopatolgicas images that are communicated through devices.