Product Design In The German Language

What’s what in the design language? Part 1 of a definition of the design. There is often confusion and confusion between the notions of product design, industrial design, and industrial design in particular. At this point the borders and commonalities of the individual terms should once be explained and found, whether there are any differences. All three terms are alternative names for the German word product design. Product design dates from the time of the Bauhaus and the Ulm Hochschule fur Gestaltung-HFG Ulm, who were leaders in the training and development of industrial design in the last century.

The word industrial design is the literal translation of the common in the American industrial design. It features the design of industrially produced products as opposed to the craft or artistically produced products. During the term of industrial design by the leading German design schools, for example the Essen Folkwang Hochschule, or the Bergische University of Wuppertal used and taught was, and is, the word of product design is more common at the German universities of applied sciences to find. It’s obvious the presumption that the naming used by the universities is therefore more scientifically-oriented, while the form common at the universities of applied sciences the practice-oriented term. Which is but not so – here it is clear that more is on the words synonyms, as indeed to different meanings and content. The whole thing becomes clearer when it shows it with examples.

One would say the product design to the outer design of the subject of the use or a device object, for example. In contrast, the design used so often industrial design applied products, by capital goods, in terms of professional and industrial with the word. But that doesn’t mean that even consumer goods design could be meant. In the field of tension in the areas of marketing, technology and design, often represented as a triangle, the design should enable an take over moderating function. The designer is generally considered generalist, which should serve as a communication interface with the neighbouring disciplines, the engineer and a marketing specialist. It is also clear that there are also different names due to the different disciplines. The ambiguity of the term design must be seen in a completely different context. This stems from the English language, where design is design. Design is used very extensively in the English language and therefore often leads to understanding issues in international development projects. Design projects are affected in this context more often by communication problems. The English engineer thinks everything ranging from the idea to the concept to the construction design. The German engineer, however, sees it as a special discipline of design, which is separated from the engineering and this on an equal footing across. Considering the service component, so design as a service, so you will find above all listed terms in the Internet as well as in the relevant literature as synonyms for the creative exploration of the subject, with the product. Recently also the ergonomics or usability is usability, which takes an increasingly important design, sanning. Get more interesting aspects of product design as creative services, on relevant pages of well-known design agencies or design studios. See also: Mockup, prototype and design model in the design author Markus Wild