Positioning Internal Web Pages And Optimizing Web Traffic

Information search is the activity that we dedicate more time. These searches can be made at the major search engines that are in the web or internal search engines, is looking at a single site. Many web portals with a large amount of information makes it available to users a search engine to facilitate the work of finding the information you need. Google web positioning of these internal web pages is an important facto in our search engine positioning strategy. We take the example of a travel portal, as vuelosbaratos.es Sites like this have a lot of page and information, and if you look carefully at the homepage is only the form. The search engine spiders can not fill out forms to find all pages on this site, or the most important. Then all the pages can not get the search engine spiders remain hidden from the search.

Although the major search engines available to us sitemap files to find and track all Site pages, or have a site map, all this becomes very complicated things in maintaining this dynamic, accessible to search engines at all times. We return to the example of travel portal. If we complete the search form from the homepage of this portal for travel, obtain a list of outcomes, depending on your needs. But do we ycomo that search engine spiders can reach these pages? Since you can not fill out forms and send the request to the server to receive the page with results. The best option is that what we completed. We chose the terms that we believe appropriate, in this case “trip to Paris or” etc. to travel to Rome Completing the form to get a list of matching trips to Paris, copy the url of this page and the bottom or side where you think is most appropriate, we introduce the links with the anchor text “Travel to Paris, Rome By completing the form does not have the need to specify the price, date or the class you want to travel.

In this way we obtain a more comprehensive list with all matches that satisfy the conditions: Travel Travel to Paris or Rome and some others. Thus we obtain a relevant page for search engines and a gateway for search engine spiders so you can jump and crawl our website.