Naval Battle

This activity was co-ordinated by the professor who asked for to each one of the pupils to indicate a coordinate in accordance with the drawing in the picture what he would indicate that he would be eliminating a boat, or, a pupil of the game. E, therefore, this pupil gave continuity the same to the game making. As example, let us cite the coordinate 2E (fig. 3), that it indicates the position of Eduardo. from there, the same gave continuity to the game. as if sees that in this imagemo name of Lara is in it has detached, it means, therefore, that the same one was the winner of the game. This practical activity, however, if conforms with the activity of annex 5 because the position of each pupil in the picture Naval Battle is the same of each point marked in the annex in relevance. 2E takes the example of Eduardo in the coordinate.

While number 2 make reference to reference the latitude, the letter and if relates to the longitude. It would be seemed the situation of point C of annex 4, that it is in the position of 40 latitude north and 60 longitude East. The spite of that if it designated in this chapter, is attempted against says it of PERKINS (1992) on the direction of the learning: ' ' we need schools where they not only predominate the thought and the memory, we need one to know reflexive (grifo ours) ' '. Leaving of this, this activity is seen that, for having in its planning the proposal to stimulate the pupils to discover and to construct knowledge through motivations that leave of the professor. For such, one gives credit that this can be one of the first steps for the renewal in practical pedagogical educative, in contrast of what PERKINS (1992) refutes in its text regarding the education when the evolution of the diverse medias ahead of mechanization opposes pedagogical practical them that occur in vertical way without any form of plea of the pupils.