Mobile Phone Vertu

Cell phone. Currently, this small-sized miracle of technology is not just important part of our life, but often enough will become part of the image. Manufacturers of mobile phones, as well as produced by their products on the market today are many, some of them have already gained the affection is not one hundred customers, someone just committed to it. But the leader in this competition, it is easy to define – it’s Nokia: Today these phones do not unless they have babies. Not only popular with a Finnish company known for this: there she and products at the sight of spectators who unwittingly opens his mouth.

These models include vehicles, production of which fell on the shoulders of a subsidiary of Nokia – Vertu, differing from the familiar devices that we see every day on the street, luxury design, the richness of content, style. Win the hearts of lovers Vertu fine start in 2002, when the devices were released Vertu Signature (price range – 6 th $ – $ 21 thousand), which were used in the production of precious stones, stainless steel and gold. Next time, “daughter Nokia Vertu please judges in 2004 year-series Vertu Ascent (their body is carried from the elegant leather). (Not to be confused with Actress!). In 2005 the manufacturer introduced a fresh series of Vertu Constellation, machines which are also made of gold, steel and leather. Devices meet Vertu – quite a rarity: no anyone can buy a cell phone for 88,000 (just as many will cost Nokia Vertu Signature Diamond, the most expensive version for serial production).

Only that the family Werth replenished with fresh model – Vertu Signature Cobra. The price of a new phone – “Only” 315 thousand dollars. Even for such phones as Vertu, such a high price due to extreme chic design: The unit is decorated with purple snake whose eyes are made of emeralds and rubies are made of scales. In general, in plans to release eight phones Vertu Signature Cobra: for those who are not quite at your service cheaper model for 115 thousand dollars – Vertu Signature Python without the jewels in the scales of snakes. The inner filling, ie the functionality of these two models will not differ.