Microwave Systems

Compact nucleus, scalable and have a modular and well-structured building. Typical representatives (Microwave Systems) and qnx (QNX Software Systems, Canada). Control system with the unix operating system real-time rewrite of the core standard operating system to meet the requirements of real time. These systems support the entire set of UNIX-based applications. However, real-time unix system has a large volume and low reactivity. A typical and widely used representative of unix is the operating system Lynux os. Modern numerical control system are increasingly using Windows nt operating system with real time extension. As this option seems to be extremely promising, we will later discuss it in detail.

3. Basic concepts of real time operating system rtos system is predictable in the sense that the time spent on certain work must not exceed a predetermined limit. Reaction time to interrupt (interrupt latency) is the ability to timely responses to external events (typically less than 2.8 ms). Time, context switch used to transfer control from process to process, from stream to stream (in the range 80 – 160 ms). Reaction time scheduler (scheduling latency) represents the delay activation process after the termination of mining (In the range 4 – 16 ms).

In its work, operating systems use a set of traditional mechanisms. Mechanism for prioritization and scheduling of planning provides real-time tasks using a time quantum (time slice). interaction mechanism synchronizes processes and data transfer between them, using semaphores, myuteksov, signals, events, shared memory. Mechanism with timer generates an interrupt after a certain configurable time interval.