Mental Constructs

I judge that could not face happens with the new because they do not know if I can hold it and fix it. I declare that I can not move from where I am and I can not change anything. It draws upon this example and see how it is built the mood of your insecurity. After writing it, read it carefully and ask yourself: What possibilities for action available to you from this state of mind? 2. Create recurring internal discussions to create self-assurance.

Create a new mental construct to create in you the mood SAFETY support you in your path and make you escape this vicious cycle you've been for so long. How could you build the mood of "your security? This is an example of linguistic reconstruction of thoughts that made the same client to create within itself SAFETY I wanted to feel in your life: I say I want to achieve and live X things in my life. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Thiel. Given X, I think even know what could happen, re-I know my abilities and my strengths and I have commitment and desire to achieve what I want. I judge that as I know my abilities and my strengths and I am committed to my dreams, I can handle any problem that arises. I judge that as face any problem that arises, at that time would think possible solutions for moving forward toward my goals because I trust me.

I declare that I can do to make needed changes in my life, moving with courage and action toward my goals. It draws upon this example and create your own linguistic construction mood of security that you want to feel in your life. After writing it, read it carefully and ask: What actions are available from building the mood SECURITY? How many upset if you thought you could avoid this? How many of your current discomfort and suffering could be terminated? Expected to apply these steps and get ready for Part II of this article, where I will focus on assist you to discover your skills and strengths, gain confidence in yourself and confront any problems that arise in the way of your hand. "Until you realize you are what you are and do what you do as a result of your choices, you can not stand in front of your life by connecting with the power that means exercise your ability to choose" W. Forward Mitchell, I'll walk in this way! Love, Ani 2006-2010 Ana Cecilia Vera Vera. All Rights Reserved. Do you want to publish my articles in your newsletter, blog or website? You can if you include the full text below it …