Managing Director

Asian enjoy with all your senses a good Asian cuisine selection of restaurant is easily a coa. Now, the recipe for success has proven itself so that the coa holding GmbH operates several restaurants in Germany. For the opening of branches in Bremen, Bielefeld, Dusseldorf and Berlin, the Managing Director of the coa holding company commissioned the Offenbach agency artmos4 with the holistic concept of the interior design. Main task for the creative minds at the interior design was not only to create an appealing atmosphere, but also a design staple to develop: the traditional Asian culture should today’s Zeitgeist be connected to pamper the guests not only culinary. artmos4 designed for the walls so that a modern Asian design was therefore the colour and design concept. Among other things, the Offenbach conceived also the key Visual of Interior Design: a graphical implementation of an orchid that is connected along the walls. As a comprehensive partner support Agency artmos4 the coa holding the Interior concept up to the pressure of the screens. And this coherent overall concept allows a pleasure of sense of to the guests. Laura Kuchel