Bandler and Grinder had reached the conclusion that these masters of change had in common some interaction models that applied most often unconsciously. They departed from the principles of that structures which are based on effective therapists jobs can be discovered and, once understood, can play and teach. The set of patterns that shaped and their intellectual influences gave rise to NLP. It should be noted also, that in moments in which communication is located in the Centre of the global concern, NLP quickly occupied a strategic location between the disciplines that enable individuals to optimize resources. Originally conceived for the therapeutic processes, outcomes that occurred in the form extraordinary managed that is use would transcend that boundary. Physicians, psychologists, educators, professionals of different areas and large-scale companies, currently applied NLP, for both individual development and the optimization of each human group. in the organizational environment Manager can use them in the market area to increase their sales since it could develop campaigns publicitarias reaching the population always taking into account the most effective channel to get the message that you want to transmit. NLP has been of significant importance within the organizational scope, since it enhances creativity and allows a dynamic climate, learning to cope with conflicts every day presented to us since by the condition of human beings are presented diversity of thoughts and behaviors, we must learn to interrelate us with our co-workers, also helps us to find channels for making communication more effective and improve the business climate.

All Manager should worry not only about administrative skills, but also develop their abilities, skills, know their strengths, integrate with your team, treat with respect, self-esteem, assertiveness to your staff. and manage efficiently its leadership. Definitely, NLP explains the learning process of a process in a series of stages through which passes the individual who learns. They are four: unconscious incompetence (No one knows what is a car and, much less, driving it). Conscious incompetence (momen Doctor in education; master’s degrees in business administration: quality and productivity; Educacioningeniero – administrator;) Lawyer. Researcher and titular Professor of postgraduate UC. Postgraduate program coordinator specialty quality and productivity, postgraduate Area, Faces, DEPROIMCAwww business UCconsultor-Advisor. deproimca.