Main Events Hi-Tech 2008,

1. The main event in 2008, of course, happened almost at the very end: Intel unveiled a new processor architecture and Core i7 with her new socket LGA1366. Almost simultaneously with the announcement of the Core i7 enthusiasts have begun to offer their extreme systems, which can easily stacked on the blade units with more than serious Core 2 Quad. All natural: Core i7, stuffed with modern technology, has indeed become the most productive serial processor for desktop systems in the history of Intel. 2. The global crisis that erupted in the second half, made some changes to the laws of the market success of the existence of IT-companies. Small firms went bankrupt, the average began to sharply combined, and large companies such as AMD, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, IBM, Yahoo!, Google, announced massive layoffs. 3.

He processor, so even though the graphics card. More precisely, D chip. AMD – in second place with its GPU ATI R700, laying in the basis chetyrehtysyachnoy series Radeon. Let the chip itself does not beat the record of performance, but also a focus for its creation has been shifted to the modest power consumption. So it happened that in general, at normal speed it does not require for himself and the whole system of extreme PSU 1000W.

4. SSD drives continue to win markets. Prices for this type of memory is constantly falling, they can be used not only in high-end notebooks, but even in compact netbooks. Happy New Year 2009 be a year of further consolidation of SSD-drives in IT. 5. "Patches" of the past year – the first service pack for Vista. This service pack is not easy to fix "holes" in the security system, but really improved performance – from operations up and move to the routine archiving. After the release of SP1 for Vista system first appeared to many not so annoying.