Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic therapy as an alternative treatment method – a report from Dr. Peter Stankovic, a urologist from Unterhaching prostate infections, overactive bladder with urge bladder weakness and the so-called pelvic pain syndrome are unfortunately the most common diseases. Now, a recent study has confirmed the magnetic therapy as a useful alternative treatment. Magnetic field therapy regularly appearing and neutral information service currently “this and other issues is taken up professional and informative. There, you can look up the facts to this more widespread form of therapy. Patients with Chronic prostatitis, pelvic pain syndrome or constantly recurring cystitis often have a neverending Odyssey through various trade practices behind them – often without success.

But there is a chance to get this common and painful syndromes in the handle – thanks to the alternative treatment options with the magnetic field therapy (MFT). This result has the highlighted parent European Urological Society (EAU) in its latest guidelines. The prestigious and practicing urologist Dr. Peter Stankovic reported in the latest edition of the “magnetic field therapy news information service” in detail about his positive experience with this therapy for his patients and explains in detail how this form of therapy does work and when she can be applied. Since 1998, the magnetic field therapy in the United States in the treatment of functional disorders of the lower urinary tract is applied in particular in the treatment of symptoms of overactive bladder with urge bladder weakness, stress bladder weakness and the chronic inflammation of the prostate. In the “magnetic field therapy up-to-date information service” urologist Dr. Peter Stankovic pointed out that several studies report good results in the treatment with the magnetic field therapy.

Based on this alternative therapy is a large, pulsating magnetic field of extremely low frequency. The magnetic waves penetrate into the pelvic floor and rain that there Pelvic floor muscles by selecting the lower pelvic nerves. The effect and manipulating magnetic fields and magnetic field therapy is currently in the zweimonatig appearing information service of magnetic field therapy”by physicians, health practitioners and physiotherapists explains. The four-sided information service reported the versatile applications of magnetic therapy exclusively neutral and independent, ad-free. Learn more about this information service can be found in the consumer portal in the article under… bin contents. . The consumer portal tips-provided by the a lot of information about the magnetic field therapy, among other things there is a magnetic field clinic in the six doctors there and answer a veterinarian on the subject. Many health-interested users questions there, and it is recognizable how many complaints the magnetic field therapy can be successfully used.