Legal Metrologia

The metrolgico control aims at to fill the atony of the evaluation of conformity currently foreseen in the regulation how much to the measurements for analysis of the exposition factor and the attendance of the established boundary-values, where the measures can be effected by means of on the basis of characteristic theoretical analyses of the stations or by means of professional directly qualified, or 20 companies, that it will emit a conformity report, consisting the description of the used equipment, as well as its calibration. The regulating agency still reserves itself to the right to demand an evaluation of one third part and establishes the obligatoriness of the measurements for the licensing of the stations or when the values of the fields will be exceeded of 2/3 of the exposition limits. The development of process 21 of metrolgica guarantee (joint of regulations, ways technician and operations necessary to guarantee the adequate security and the exactness to the measurements), whose objective can be reached by the implantation of the metrolgico control, inexists in the system, not obstante to have the documentary standardization of reports and findings in the regulating agency, has deficiency indications how much the standardization of the principles, methods and procedures of measurements, harming other factors as the rastreabilidade, repeatability, reprodutibilidade of the results, leading to not conformity in the measurement process.

The metrolgicas importance of the Legal Metrologia and its bases are in the necessity of if establishing a process of accompaniment and efficient metrolgico control by means of measures, and trustworthy results inside of the tolerances foreseen for the functioning parameters that characterize the stations radio base (ERB) of cellular telephony and of limits of emission of the regulated not ionizing radiations. Although the not conclusive and contradictory research on the existence or not of the potential curses or susceptveis adverse damages the health human being, when of the exposition of these emissions, always presenting restrictions of some order, the physical measurements of the established values how much to the exposition levels and other factors they will serve of airway lighting for any taking of decision, and, for other purposes, as the management of the process, the quality of the system of telecommunications, the ambient impacts, the studies epidemiologists, social, and definitions of the public politics that consider the relative questions the citizens, the health, the security, the organizations, ambient preservation, and, mainly in the defense of the proper governmental regulating agencies..