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The magazine BIGRUSSIA is available for multiple platforms: the September issue is available not only on the iPad, but also on the iPhone and for Android. The name BIGRUSSIA is an acronym for business investment guide to RUSSIA. The magazine appears in Russian, English and German, and reports on foreign companies in Russia. It can be downloaded for free on the app store. However, it could be read until recently only on the iPad. This has changed since the release of the September issue of BIGRUSSIA (which can be downloaded already): you now can the owners of iPhones know our magazine. Supplements of BIGRUSSIA at Google play for the owners of smartphones and platforms on the basis of Android appeared in three languages at the same time.

The BIGRUSSIA magazine in his articles about: successes and failures of foreign medium-sized and small enterprises in Russia; personal experiences of foreign businessmen that trade with Russia; Experience reports and advice from foreigners who make a career in Russia. In addition, BIGRUSSIA presents practical business ideas for startups, just waiting for their investments, as well as companies, Russia, real objects and entire regions in Russia are interested in cooperating with foreign investors.