Introduction To The Vertical Lathe

Lathes are machine-tool that had represented a great advance in the process of manufacture of parts and products. Today different types of lathes exist, as the vertical, mechanical lathe, CNC, copying, gun, of plate and others. Each type of lathe serves for different requirements. This machine, independently of the type, is basic in many types of industries. The first manual lathes had appeared have many years, being one of the first machines registered in the history of the humanity. On the basis of drawings found in the tomb of Petosris priest, say that the Egyptians already used a rudimentary form of these devices.

Although the first lathes were manual, with passing of the time and the evolutions of industrialization, the force of the man gave place to the motor force generated by the water and by the vapor and, later, was used the electric energy? that it persists until the current days. The functioning of the different lathes follows one same principle basically. The material that if it desires to tilt will have to be imprisoned to a support that it will make with that it turns. After that, one or more tools will advance on this part, having thus carried through the usinagem process. This nothing more is of what the removal of materials for production of one determined form.

The vertical lathe is a type of lathe sufficiently specialized, used for the usinagem of parts of great height or diameter. The turntable carries through the movement of rotation in the horizontal plan, since these parts can weigh many tons and would be less convenient to support them in another way. To have an idea of the size of the parts that can be produced with the use of these lathes, it is enough to consider that the plant turbines hydroelectric plants are manufactured in the same ones. Some of the vertical lathes present capacity for usinagem of parts of up to 11 meters of height and loads of up to 120 tons. Moreover, the vertical lathe, as well as any type of lathe, will be able? will have? to present an excellent precision. It has, however, different types of vertical lathes. Some lesser models and more convenient they can be acquired for manufacture of lesser in industries of equipment, pneumatic valves, bombs, motor parts and many others. The vertical sales of lathe happen in plants and store specialized in the supply of machines and industrial equipment. The price of these lathes will be able in accordance with to vary the available size, manufacturer and functions. Today also it has in the market many options of vertical lathes CNC, that is, computerized lathes, that generally present an excellent precision and speed still more the productive process.