Internet Information

The growth of the Internet is being very great vocs goes to see that this starts to have characteristics of same reality. To guarantee a set where it has diversity of available information, the resources are all the tied specific projects, are a thing that has that to inside have base of projects well done and determined by the states of the public hospitals. Some extremely important objectives are being placed. The first one of them: to assure the ample diffusion and access to the information disponibilizadas for the net. It means, still has a certain resistance of one some pursuings of administration of information, that history of that information is to be able, of wanting to keep information under control, without dissemination. The objective of the project is accurately to finish with this. The intention is to produce information and to make with that they they arrive at the users, the agents of the SUS, the diverse controlling. E, mainly, to create the call has controlled social, to make possible the social control on the health.

To aim at increase of covering and improvement in the quality of the information. Some of the systems, for example, the mortality system, the born system of alive, are basic systems for perception of the Brazilian social reality. They still have covering deficiencies, nor all the cities obtain to produce the information in time and the hour and the quality of the information, some times, leave to desire. Then, this objective is also placed. E, evidently, implantation of managemental systems that can make possible that component of managemental improvement of the SUS. A thing that if emphasizes very in this context is that it is not enough to pass numerical information on morbidade, mortality, is necessary also, to pass the information of normative, legislative, administrative character, that people do not have the habit to make.