Holidays Hip Chips

Slowly but surely, approaching next winter holidays and the time when all decent companies rush to congratulate our partners, customers and employees of the original corporate gifts. Already a good month product managers are actively looking for brilliant ideas for original gifts. Every company wants to be remembered, to stand out and, eventually, just not to fall face in the dirt. Recently there was an interesting novelty – the possibility of branded fresh flowers. Use of the service applying company logo or a text greeting to the flowers through the Internet. But the secret is that good drawing text and images on fresh flowers in Russia is promoting only one company, "Speaking roses." This is the only company working on the American technology of "speaking roses." Feature of the technology is that it allows to put a picture or text without harming the flower. "Talking Rose" – a novelty in the flower industry, which has already received international recognition at the international flower festival HortiFair in Amsterdam.

It is this technology has become a winner in the category "Flower of technology." Branded thus tends to become a flower original decision not only for corporate gifts and interesting attribute to events and event. The latest technology allows cause any single color image on the petals of flowers (roses, lilies, tulips, etc.). These unique flowers give the uniqueness and sophistication to any event: – meeting, – reception and banquet; – VIP-invitation and congratulations – corporate events and festivals – the opening and presentations – advertising and PR campaigns – press conferences and exhibitions. Krieytoram company can only think about the message. You can order flowers online yourself. The online configurator located on this site, you can choose every detail, from the font and color of the bud to the content of the inscriptions or pictures. The company guarantees the timely delivery of flowers.

For special occasions you can book interesting composition of individual words and images to the receiver himself has made a whole post on the principle of puzzles. Similarly, for example, billionaire Donald Trump congratulated for his wife. This luxurious gift will be more expensive, but the effect is stunning. In general, branded fresh flowers have several advantages as a corporate gift, because of these few people even aware of, in addition, this option is present can come up with exactly the greeting or message which is important for your company. Thus, the "Talking Flowers" as well as other original corporate gifts, help the company build the right relationships in business, which guaranteed the success!