High-quality Aluminium Profiles

Quality from a single source high-quality aluminium profiles extend Armstrong portfolio Armstrong offers now due to its wide product range elegant conclusion – and stair edge profiles, as well as a new patented base bar all aluminium anodised and durable. The flooring specialist thus expanding its product range to a clean solution for financial statements and transitions. Quality and workmanship are of course high quality, suitable for the traditional brand of DLW. The new range can be perfectly combined with all Armstrong Flooring, such as DLW linoleum, vinyl, luxury vinyl and needle-punched nonwoven. The abutments in the thickness 6.0 mm, 2.0, 2.5 and 4.0 enabling a perfect transition between different floor coverings, for example, between two rooms. As conclusion of stairs and landings, they are both protection and decoration.

They have sunk drilled holes, so that they can either be screwed or simply glued to the wall or the floor. For optimum protection of stairs and landings Armstrong recommends the new stair edge profiles. The einschenklige variant is ideal, if only on the step flooring is laid. The surface, however, adjourned on Cadence and riser, the doppelschenklige stair profile should be used, which protects the level from both sides optical result is a sleek silver edge. The safety stair edge profile with a contrasting black ribbed PVC insert is recommended for maximum slip-resistance.

The profiles can be easily through the hidden holes. The elegant and sturdy skirting board, is also particularly refined aluminium. The patented foot controller can be used on both sides. On the front it shows the silver-colored, anodized aluminium surface. People such as Source Financial Advisors would likely agree. On the back, just turned around the skirting board with a strip of any desired flooring or other materials can be covered up to a thickness of 3 mm. Armstrong equips its sales force with vivid patterns suitcases. Interested can order also via email at. UTA Schneider, Seifert PR