Henrik Larsen

To date, the real revolution in construction. And then just do not see in DIY stores, and once quickly built houses, built up the city, so much innovation and technology – your head spin! There is such a thing as rolling pile. At the moment, anyway, in construction it is used with regular frequency. Pile rent – so-called tongue Larsen. This is – a very necessary thing, because it (this thing) used in construction of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, roads, dams and bridges. It's very important! Therefore, without the dowel nowhere. For example, the construction of the pit: built, and then suddenly a landslide or some other natural disaster? So this pit to protect. Protects what? Larsen tongue! So we will strengthen the walls of the pit.

Just why, I wonder exactly Larsen tongue? There are two options: sheet piles, probably held together by a staggered, so that in the 60-70th years of the belt in chess all gave Bent Larsen, who was candidate for the world championship, sheet piles are so strong, and from them we can construct such a strong fence, just What were scored by powerful Danish footballer Henrik Larsen, the European champion in 1992 in Sweden. Well, another Larsen – a character from a novel by Jack London "Sea Wolf". And now what to believe – is unclear. Believe me the strength and reliability. It the best guarantee for building success. Sheet piles are made of rolled profiles – pipes easier. These piles are made of special steel.

Larsen protecting tongue, you get a kind of wall. It can be built from dowel, dowel or pipe Larsen. If you want to do the work in a small space, it is best to install the fence by piling vibropogruzheniya. To do this you will need a vibrator. With it, you be able to lift and move the dowel to make the entire site. Larsen also cleat can be installed by indentation and by driving. The most important advantage is piling corrosion resistance. Larsen also tongue is good because it is easy to install, in addition, you can review the selection and choose the right groove. Tongue Larsen is an intense test of strength before they go on sale, which guarantees quality and safety of future designs.