German Federal Joint Committee

The benefits of more expensive new drugs is not always given, so frequently proven home remedies in an official study shows resorted to, that the higher price of new drugs is often not justified. That emerges from a review of the relevant highest body in the health sector, the German Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). Two of three new drugs for serious diseases actually longer than the previously common drugs help patients of according to official examination. However, most of these preparations miss the certificate of a really significant added value. Quite a few also draw on proven home remedy. Arnica specialist for cuts whopping more than 150 substances contains the yellow pollen of arnica. The silica is of special significance.

This Oxoacid stimulates the self-healing in the tissue and in the musculoskeletal system. Due to this effect is the extremely effective with cuts and bruises. Arnica in sprains, contusions, sprains and bruises is also very effective. These ALLROUNDER can soothe even with joint pain. Particularly in the acute cut wounds or similar injuries, a wrap soaked in arnica solution can accelerate the healing process.

60% (In the pharmacy available) just mix 250 ml cold water with 1EL arnica essence. Then soak a cloth in the solution and wring out. The injured point can then be wrapped. Duration of action depending on the severity of the injury about 15 minutes to 2 hours. If necessary, the wound with a bandage can be fixed. Rose evokes eyelids up not only for lovers the Rose has long been considered Queen of flowers. What today however most no longer aware is that she used already for millennia as a medicinal plant. The essential oils and tannins of the rose petals have for example a decongestant effect. Thus applies the rose as a remedy for irritated eye area or insect bites. So you can for example for 10 minutes put simply fresh and ungespritzte petals on the closed eyes. Thick insect bites pluck off some rose petals and remove the resulting in the rubbed juice onto the affected area. Pansy relieves Sun allergy pansies are very popular as a balcony plant. Many garden is adorned by the pretty flowers of the Pansy. But not only the beautiful appearance, but also the contained salicylic acid this plant turns into something special. Since these acids contained in the herb of the Pansy, Pansy have an anti-inflammatory effect. Especially for a Sun allergy it is advisable to drink a cup of Pansy tea daily. This will relieve the redness and decreases the itch. Simply boil 2TL of Pansy herb in 150 ml of water for five minutes. In part 4 of our small health Primer for the flower world, is about herbal remedy for high blood pressure and dry, irritated skin.