George Lucas History

In the world of entertainment you can find many creations that easily Captivate viewers with different wefts, settings and characters, but between all the various works that have been generated with the entertainment world is one that thanks to its content in terms of the history and the shocking of his settings and characters, it has become one of the most important in the history of entertainment and worldwide acceptance has hadsuch creation is the war of the galaxies, which has become an icon of cinema, since everything has been of great importance for the world of entertainment, especially cinema. The war of the galaxies is recognized as a science fiction film created by George Lucas, which makes a great display of special effects that allow the recreation of scenes in places of space, with machines fantastic that they allow to cross the outer space and the presence of various characters belonging to other planets and that his bodily figures are very different from that of humansas well all these components have made this great sci-fi film one of the most recognized in the world of cinema. You have to bear in mind that for many connoisseurs of film war of the galaxies is a science fiction film, without however for its creator is not a science fiction film, since the technology used in the development of the saga of the war of wars has no scientific basisso George Lucas believes that the war of wars is a movie of epic fantasy adventure, due to the development of history in environments from the imagination and creativity of its creator has no comparable component with reality and which clearly has a fantastic content. The history of the war of the galaxies is framed in constant confrontation that have the sith and the jedi, where each of these currents has an own philosophy, which goes against each other, so while the sith seek power next to the dark side, the jedi seek protect the social conformation that there is in the universe. In the history wars there is a mixture of components that gives a special meaning to the saga, which are the presence of a high technological development but with natural environments, as if the giant technology development was unable to finish with natural landscapes, in addition to the presence of many traditional aspects of ancient times of historyas clans or groups of war with a philosophy of life and the different clashes that claimed these groups, where the most remembered and important were those who were with the Lightsabers, where again the mixture of technology is evident and a very ancient form of combat, is also evidenced the presence of the Republic and the Empire as forms of political power are handled in ancient times.