GemPlus Card International

Secondly, the payments by means of magnetic or bar charts can be conducted only in the mode of on-line. For payment transactions should contact the bank and obtain a permit. In this situation, the main problem is ensuring reliable, fast and inexpensive communication. For payments using smart cards are used principally new solution, all operations are performed in the regime of off-line. With the integrated chip card itself authorize the payment directly to the outlet.

Third, smart cards have increased reliability and safety. Integrated circuit card provides sufficient 'intelligence' to decide whether to permit payment, and a high degree of protection against unauthorized access. During initialization, you can lock the chip and block access to any changes in the data. Copy or duplicate the data also impossible due to the unique internal code fixed inside each card. The process of multi-card personalization making it one of the most reliable forms of data storage. All about personal user data and account status is encrypted and is protected by coded passwords.

The big advantage of smart cards over other plastic cards is their ability to analyze information to mathematical calculations and draw logical conclusions. When you try to hack the card is capable of independently temporarily or permanently cease its operation. More info: Peter Thiel. In addition, smart cards are much superior to all other representatives of volume of stored information. High quality smart card gives them longevity in circulation, compared with other types of cards, and unique performance characteristics. For example, GemPlus Card International has established for its smart cards the following parameters: time storage – 10 years; storage temperature – -20 to +55 C; the minimum number of rewrites – 10 000 times, the maximum recording time of one byte of information – 10 ms.