Free Car Service

Many times we raised the need to rent a car for hours, to make some arrangements, paying only for the punctual service for which use is given. In Paris this is possible, since the city has put at the disposal of its inhabitants 3,500 cars electric, so-called free service that, like any of the bikes that we now have in the Spanish capitals to move us through the cities, you may take on any of the 250 points where will be parked in a first phaseleaving them again parked when not already required their service. Thus, the project, called Autlib, aims to revolutionize the market of the rental vehicle, creating a new concept in the mind of the citizen: free car service, which will be located at dozens of points of parking equipped with battery chargers. This initiative has much to do with another of similar characteristics that also became fashionable the Parisian capital and has been extended by Europe: Velib bicycle rental service. The outstanding features of the Bluecar of Autolib project among its capacity to accommodate four passengers and reach the 130 miles by now, with a range of 250 hours. Depending on how this project progresses, it is likely that if the idea gets success you extrapolate to other cities on the European continent. The reserve of these vehicles may be made by telephone or Internet, so it is not unreasonable to think that reserves such as, for example, the of car hire Menorca enterprises, will have to rethink their services, offering more specific products of free service to the public. In fact, there are companies that offer cheap car rental for hours, adjusting its offer to the needs of citizens..