Flyer Design

Originally, leaflets were hence the name on the street, in places or in buildings by raising common what constitutes a good flyer? To answer this question, must first be defined, what is a flyer at all. The translation after is a pamphlet. This contains a short message or advertising message. Flyers are among the print media. Originally, hence the name on the street, in places or in buildings leaflets were distributed by throwing, galleries, balconies, even by hot-air balloons out. The larger the discharge height, the more the messages spread.

Flyer stands provide the modern distribution of the flyer now. These are located in many public places such as museums, cinemas and stations, as well as in bars and restaurants. The flyers fit exactly into the compartments of the stand and presented so appealing. They are small and handy, so they’ll fit in any handbag and jacket or trouser pocket. The Format is the first characteristic of a flyers. It stems directly from the nature of the dissemination, of the intended carriage and the standard size of the flyer stands. Of course the message and its presentation, i.e.

the design are most important. To attract the attention of passers-by usually standardized size, a successful flyer must be an eye-catcher. This can be accomplished through the paint, the surface of images or graphic elements. The possibilities are endless. Many flyers put on high gloss, other neon colors or finishes the surface. Some manufacturers play with the material it for example, flyers in leather or metal optics have been distributed or perforate the surface. Also special effects, such as E.g. the lenticular printing are popular. These two images with the help of the computer into fine strips are cut and so put together, that depending on the angle of view either one image or the other is visible. In terms of content the message should be reduced to maximum on the flyer. The core statement must be within be less seconds passes by to be observed. Instead of placing long texts, should be developed with handy formulated headlines. A provocative message that brings the viewers to laugh and think, is likely to lead to the goal of portability as a text desert. Pictures are important. Be shown, for example, faces, must the graphic designer of be aware that these draw getting the attention of the Viewer. This can be used deliberately, can cause as well as failure to comply with that the viewer’s attention is misdirected. All single, graphical building blocks of design must therefore be coordinated. The font size, product placement, amount of text and text position, colors, contrasts and also the position of the logo must be appealing and logically testboard. To be selected from the flyer stand a good flyer need that certain something. He must have something special to stand out from the crowd. Something that leads the Viewer, then stretch out the hand and the Flyer to take, to tell and to insert may be even more copies for friends and acquaintances. The ways and means there can vary as described. Usually connect the acquaintance with the unusual and a real, substantive added value for the reader are crucial for the success and the maximum spread.