Don Quixote

The Repo. Article II makes just three days went back to put my feet on a long tour, accommodated in the seat train and accompanied by the newspaper decided to give reading how much informative event happens in our wonderful world. I soon realized that the news was on my left and was not precisely the unknown person with whom I shared my journey but the central armrest that great unknown that accompanies you in every one of the trips. And I want to give you news range because I decided that had already come the time to talk about it. The struggle for absolute, when read, watch the video or sleeping comfort depends on our protagonist the centre armrest and secured that omit voluntarily chat with your travel companion, because in that case, by education and courtesy face looks and our repo rests. I assure you that I not told them but they were many times during the trip that opposites arms of both passengers wrestled instinctively to be done with their services to such an extent that I saw and say OK, because until I get up to the cafeteria observing Central repos of travelers and contemplated aesthetic co-ordination of the passengers who did not have the favor of our protagonist. You imagine that range must give similar object when it has witnessed the strife of the subconscious of men of all races and colors of poor and rich children and adults even in courtship of future romance.

But the anecdote did not wait too long the video offered by us or rather the scene contemplated at that time was the cause of this article I want to share with you: he was a child confronted with a showcase and watching some sports boots of a famed brand and who on occasion Campoamor was accused of exploitative of children for making their products in third world countries. Child actor look as expressive as spectacular, few illusions would reach if you managed them, did dent in the sensitivity of travellers and therefore in mine. From that moment, my eyes went to the window and as he watched passing the bare landscapes of fields that made noble our hidalgo Don Quixote, envisaged as those other kids machacaban his childhood with other viewpoints and other dreams and like the aesthetic of these children lack of coordination that we live in our wonderful world and that although instinctively we are struggling for our protagonist central armrest wouldn’t others that our subconscious it should be applied in the aesthetic coordination of our ephemeral world. Other eyes, closest and endearing me returned to the present and they showed me that the journey had been completed.