Dodge Chrysler

Cars already gained fame during its debut at the exhibition entitled The American Auto Show in Detroit International Students. The exhibition took place in January 2009. Not surprisingly, the concept of progressive Chrysler took numerous approvals from various informational publications. For example say, New York Times, described as the Chrysler 200C EV 'sleek, elegant … one of the bombs surprises exhibition in Detroit.

" In the end, similar to the art auto manufacturing technology offers an unprecedented opportunity to combine a person online world and the world of the road, driving a Chrysler ENVI, equipped with an artificial brain, which can be envied. Concept car Chrysler 200C EV just full of high technology. Team of engineers entrusted to create not just avtokontsept, but, as explained Klegon (Klegon), 'portal to the outside world', which focuses on three propositions: convenience, socialization and synchronization. 'What does the concept car Chrysler 200C EV more different is the use of technologies that will make the trip and the image of the daily lives of individuals simply indescribable pleasure. In and we see a car that has so comfortable and easy to operate, that person literally merges with the road.. ' Frank Klegon (Frank Klegon) Executive Vice President – Development Division, Chrysler LLC. Convenience Want to spend some money on the latest entertainment before heading out on the road? Options include radio systems with different additional functions that allow the driver to acquire music simple clicking on the icon 'Mopar'. In our stores you will always find spare parts in stock Dodge.