Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning represents a new stage of development of the entire educational system. The technology allows distance education courses to be no less, and in some cases higher quality than traditional full-time. Remote tutor – a project which was organized by an online community of teachers of distance learning and organized a systematic methodological work to improve the quality online courses. Distance learning – a great opportunity not only to deepen their knowledge and skills to obtain information and communication culture. Advantages: saves time and money, training in a convenient time, the use of modern computer technology. We develop three basic models up to: – Distance Learning Courses; – online learning using web conferencing tools – remote support classroom with a tutor or school. Remote environment helps build motivation to learning. Today’s young people are easy to absorb information in a spreadsheet, forums and chat rooms.

We take the usual forms of communication, but put Other educational problems. John Keller said that first you need to attract the attention of the student, then you need to convince him of the importance and relevance of education, then it is necessary to support his self-confidence and, ultimately, achieve satisfaction of the student. The main component of the content – the technology of the student with information rather than information itself. From the student is required not so much the assimilation of information on study questions how much orientation in it and their own activities. Formed an adequate self-esteem, understanding the causes of successes and failures, communication of results and opportunities, all this leads to a conscious attitude to learning.

Appears responsible for result. Remote environment allows: – to build a clear system – quickly identify gaps in knowledge and efforts of each individual student to overcome their difficulties. – An opportunity to make individual learning process. The modern teacher must not only be able to use a PC, but also be able to seamlessly connect the information and communication technology. The project created “Workshop for distance learning”, in which a teacher, we regularly conduct free training and advice. Distance learning – is an independent form of learning! In distance learning by continuous, systematic interaction between teacher and students and students with each other! Quality communicative space for easy interaction and exchange of all participants, the formation of clear and understandable representation, understanding, and high speed solutions to common problems, as well as getting pleasure from working together. The teacher is no longer the only source of information. It organizes work environment controls and directs the learning process in the right direction, places of learning tasks. Remote environment can create a situation of success for each student. A good lesson – this is not one that is saturated with various and tiered seating material, but one in which this material is interesting to find and izuchat.Stremimsya to ensure that was not made a cake and a rich recipe.