Respect of shares must make the following notes: move from discourse to action: is undoubtedly a well-crafted plan is a great management tool, but it does nothing if it is not running as it is a custom in many institutions, this brings frustration for employees, when a plan is important to ensure that the conditions for its implementation are, although the fact of a vision without limits was mentioned in the first point this always involves specific activities that must be developed if. Not surrendering to the obstacles: when there is a strong commitment people don’t surrender to nothing and always looking for how to comply with the tasks, never accept the no could be moved in a thousand ways to achieve this, perhaps not as achieved the time stipulated but will necessarily have to do so if gets at this idea with an extraordinary determination. Regarding the checks must make the following notes: assess objectively: many people have fears of assessments simply because internally they know that not they have made the best efforts, the evaluation should serve us as a clear guide what we’re actually doing the results are those who speak, this is a reality that nobody can escape, why do the utmost to make your evaluation will yield good results. Regarding the new activity must make the following notes: firm commitment to improve: no doubt that changes will be carried out gradually, many times will have to learn on the basis of errors but most importantly, have the strong commitment with our goals, and in that sense then we will be willing to make a best effort every dayto give life, heart and soul for what is important for us, I’m happy, I’m Rico of Andrew Corentt book you will learn about the requirements to achieve a deep conviction of an idea, as well as the proper techniques to break down the barriers limiting. You can talk of thousands of aspects covering implicitly the Deming cycle, however the most important thing is the true commitment to change people, learn techniques and processes that will help you to express any desire by entering in the next page: original author and source of the article.