Okay applying flash to give you a little attraction to the site, but there’s even better options that generate similar results and are compatible with buscadoresLos technology designed from the beginning to search XHTML-based sites developed for DarkBlueCMS. Flash technology is not only not compatible with search engines, but is also obsolete. Web 2.0 sites? does DarkBlue incorporated in 2008 are now available in self-administered websites optimized for search engines and for the user experience: what it is? We invite you to visit the site, to see for yourself that we are talking about: a friendly web site with animations and nor a single Flash. 100% developed for search engines based on AJAX+JQuery technology. And the most interesting: you yourself can change content and images at any time with DarkBlueCMS. 5 Promote, advertise, muestrese to the world having a website and not promote it is as do flyers and not distribute them. Permanently update your site with new products, promotions, news, whatever to call attention. Not only matiena to your prospects coming back to visit your site, They also love to search engines! one of the factors for positioning is the frequency of updating the site 6.

Make shares attractive and innovative if we analyze what it costs a couple of developers inside of a few empanadas and make them go dancing down the street and see the impact caused is clear to us that it was not something new but expensive. The best part of this action is that he summoned to the press, generating propaganda, i.e. free advertising in various media. Repeat that action is not new, so the impact will be definitely lower, not to say almost zero. In short No it spend a fortune but to hire creatives correct. In lean times there is no better option that sow advertising and harvest results. Each business is a different planet: in the same way that when something hurts us we the doctor, when the business does not work as we hope, professional help is definitely the best choice. Original author and source of the article.