Combats Stress

The condition known as stress is very common in Western countries. Modern life that almost carries implied some demands, and many people use their creative abilities to strengthen a hectic life. Then there is the stress as a response of our body to both physical and emotional stimuli that the medium presents. The Agency itself has the cure against stress. And a series of substances involved in the control of stress is serotonin. How does serotonin against stress? What effects does it on the body? To learn about the beneficial effects of serotonin on the organism and functions should only continue reading and then take action to reap the benefits. By definition the stress is our body’s response to any stimulus emotional physicist either from internal or external source.

Accelerated life that takes today, makes our body to generate a series of responses to maintain balance, this entails a series of chemical reactions, which in occasions may be harmful to the body. To achieve stress management there are different substances that act as neurotransmitters which include serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine, etc. How does serotonin to combat stress? The serotonin related to emotion and mood. The lack of serotonin, can produce States of depression. Serotonin in stressful situations is reduced significantly due to increased concentrations of cortisol, hormone responsible to respond to excess stress, therefore in the serotonin stress situations is the first neurotransmitter that is affected. In conclusion, serotonin helps to have a better response to stressful situations, thus avoiding anxiety and depression. Hence, the importance of consuming foods rich in tryptophan, precursor of serotonin, to offset this reduction in endogenous part of the body. Benefits of serotonin to reduce the effects of stress help to reconcile the sleep so important to achieve a restful break.

It helps to keep in balance the internal clock, this regulates not only dream, but also the body temperature. It regulates the consumption of carbohydrates, so characteristic in situations of anxiety and depression. It improves mood. It helps to relax. Improves concentration. It reduces States of aggression or anger. To achieve that body has sufficient amounts of serotonin supplements have been created, food, etc. are recommended But the way most effectively improve the production of serotonin by the body is stimulating the gandula that produces it naturally. With the help of the serotonin acoustic Audio, now the amount of exact serotonin, the body needs can occur. The acoustic technology is cheap, completely safe and self-regulatory, since it produces only what the body needs. Best thing about this technology is that it doesn’t require any equipment special, no headphones to produce it is you.