Central Bank

The informal economy has been dedicated to carrying on their activities to the length and breadth of the country, growing in unrestrained form, anarchistic form to measure in which the crisis is accentuated in the major cities of Venezuela. Monica Figueredo, the respect the opinion, Venezuela presents an unstable economic scenario, being between one of the main causes of the informal economy, political uncertainty, due to a Government that has led to changes, actions that in some way has seriously affected survival, behaviour of firms and of course, on the quality of life of the Venezuelan. Actions that have not followed a systemic management integrated into plans strategic economic chord to its reality, more than anything else, has been given much improvisation that has seriously affected its economy and its productive sectors. Has developed a significant informal economy, which has given way to that appear many entrepreneurs who start a small business in search of their livelihood to face up to their responsibilities of living and, in some way, provide a service to fellow citizens, in order to meet their needs through a required product, always within a limited field of action andseriously affecting many businesses that operate within the formality, which comply with all regulations that the Government demand, especially before a very dynamic, menacing tax that the State since then, it has imposed. The Venezuelan current reality continues to be significant economically. And in regard to employment, the former President of the Central Bank of Venezuela, Dr. Maza Zavala, thereon comments, which worried the Venezuelan labor situation, because even in the informal sector are It shelters an important sector of the country’s work force; the idea is to decrease by the absorption of existing enterprises and micro-enterprises by creating. 60% Is the index of the informal economy, noticing an alarming and significant way in all major cities of the country, through hawkers, people who sell products already elaborated, often ignoring its real origin; but there are those who have given life to products that have been created, developed through homemade, with rudimentary technology, but which nevertheless are demanded by the need for the consumer to buy it and, moreover, its accessibility to the price over the competition..