Boiler Activation

To activate the device with the management will need to take at least 3-4 of depression, which is not always convenient. In most of these steamers will display that will display the remaining time preparation and display of additional included software. 3. The design features a double boiler hole for filling. For normal operation of a double boiler to the heating element so that it was in the water.

Since while the water level in the reservoir decreases, there is a risk of overheating of the heating element. In the pressure cooker has a standard design to stop the cooking process, remove the bowl of food and pour the water. To simplify this process in the construction of some steamers there is a hole for filling. With it you can add water without disconnecting the device from the network. It may seem that this is a necessary feature of any steamers, but practice shows that the volume of the water tank is sufficient and no need to top up. And even if you'll pour water trays that are full and you have to stop the cooking process. Indication of water level steamer It is useful primarily to those who fear that the water boils away suddenly in a double boiler. Although it needs to try very hard. Water tank capacity in a double boiler is designed for 70 – 120 minutes of cooking, and Timer allows you to set the time only 30 – 60 minutes (depending on model). So the urgent need to display no, but as a bonus it would be nice.