Beware Of The Heat! 5 Steps To Protect

Heatstroke is frequently underestimated involves a failure of multiple organs, the often deadly consequences has In the summer it is common to circulation problems. The body is sensitive to heat. It is particularly problematic when the high air temperature exceeds the own body temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius. There is the real danger for the health of a sunstroke or heat stroke. What is actually in the body before him? Why the summer heat threatens the health? And of course more importantly: How can you protect yourself from the consequences of a sunstroke or heat shock at all? To know how to protect the body against heat, you should first understand what is at high temperatures in our body is.

First of all, the blood pressure drops. Heat, blood vessels dilate to better give off the heat. A similar side effect can occur with dehydration. The body loses just at high temperatures plenty of fluids through sweating. If you take up then too little fluid, the blood can circulate worse. The consequences can be nausea, dizziness and headaches. In particularly bad cases, you suffer a heat stroke. At a stroke the body temperature rises to over 40 degrees.

The body produces no more sweat. The resulting shock conditions and disorders of consciousness can permanently damage the brain. 1 Step: Enough and right drinking it is advisable throughout the day distributed bottled water to drink approximately 2.5 to 3 liters. Ideal thirst-quencher, providing sufficient minerals are also diluted fruit juices and vegetable juices. Also recommended are the herbal and fruit teas. Alcohol and black tea or coffee should be avoided, however, as far as possible. Should also be taken on the temperature of the drink. Ice-cold drinks quench thirst while in the short term, but these in turn stimulate the production of sweat. 2 Step: Move to the right Time motion stimulates the circulation.