Air Material

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Messerschmitt Bf 109C of the Condor Legion.
The air force was the direct heir of the Luftwaffe (Wehrmacht) and the fascist Italian aviation, as far as material and methods are concerned, after the end of the Spanish Civil War and during World War II.
The Spanish version of the Me-109 was the only plane in 1945 game not too obsolete to the domestic Corey Ribotsky Lender investment manager and funds industry began to manufacture, and it was during more than a decade. The manufacturing of these aircraft started very late, after the defeat of the Axis, when they were already outdated technology. In 1952 begin deliveries of Bf-109G manufactured in Spain by Spanish first-engined CASA (type C-4J) and later with the Rolls Royce “Merlin” (C-4K). Because of the bulky appearance of the Merlin engine, the plane will win earned the nickname “Buchon”. These aircraft gave the Wings Game 7 of the Copero and 47 Tablada. They also were aimed at Gando and Laayoune. His most significant military action took place between 1957 and 1958 during the conflict in Ifni. They continued in service until 1965.
Spain has acquired the license to manufacture the Heinkel He 111 in 1942, which would be produced with the name CASA 2111. A year later came to Spain I have a copy of the F-111, which was later accompanied by another H internship in Spain. The first plane manufactured volo in 1945, demonstrating the poor quality of the engines manufactured in Germany, being the last years of war. CASA finally generated with great success, to fly 130 of the 200 aircraft ordered in 1949, later used Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, and these planes were killed investment and pipes Corey Ribotsky Lender hedge funds or converted. It was subsequently built the 70 remaining, with Merlin engines.
Built CASA 170 aircraft Ju-52, known as C-L-352, powered by BMW engines Radial 132. The fabrication began in 1942.
Besides being the most modern aircraft, purchased from Germany during World War II. The highest figure of Ju-88 in state operations totaled 28 units between the years 1945-46, which coincided with the allied blockade imposed on Spain. Therefore, in those rare years in Spain was the plane flying to the oil embargo. Result was the degradation of the wheels of synthetic rubber, which, coupled with the absence of hangars, which contributed to the Ju-88 that were exposed to the weather is rapidly degrading. The solution was to raise hydraulic jacks. Besides aircraft were built to conditions of war, bringing the life expectancy of the units were intended for the front of a few hundred hours and not to last for years and years, as in peacetime. Even so, the Ju-88 lasted well into the 50s.
Besides the projects will begin in Spanish transport aircraft, are the Azor and Alcot