To call via VoIP, you need a SIP access, by means of which language is transmitted. When you log on to a VoIP provider, you can make a call automatically after entering the individual SIP user data whose SIP access. Phone calls with VoIP who wants to save money with VoIP telephony has spoilt for choice, because you can choose, whether talking about the domestic phone (IP should be able otherwise you need an adapter) softphones, Webphone, or even mobile via an app would like to call. The advantage of VoIP telephony lies not only in the selection of the possibilities of use which ensure great mobility, but it also eliminated the often annoying dial of the dial-in number. They verified his phone number when the provider just once and already can be telephoned to the usual low rates. VoIP via APP that calls mobile about an APP that enables Voice over IP telephony, now cheaper and saving becomes an easy exercise. You can download the app mostly free and this then as usual with your phone calls and thanks to VoIP, pays almost nothing in return. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts). Most recommendations for appropriate apps for iPhone, BlackBerry and Smartphones with Android-based operating system can be found on the sites of the providers.

So, it is possible to use the mobile Voice over IP telephony users of smartphones. Some providers have developed even an app tailored to your product. If you log in from a HotSpot or the local Wi-Fi or a mobile Internet flat, no further costs. So, the app is a great way cheap VoIP based phone and that is no matter where you just. Also search the appropriate dial-in number is omitted, and so you can make calls quickly and cheaply with the desired call partner.

Find the right provider to find the provider best for you should an overview first on the Web page of the provider about their offer gain. What possibilities does this service provider, E.g. callthrough VoIP callback, and even a free app designed specifically for the own service? In addition, many providers of customer reviews have published. From this, you can also draw a picture of the service. If you want it prefer something more objective, looks around on the Facebook page of the company. Where users can suggest appropriate comments or ask questions. Also current news and promotions are posted there. General information about the services are specially designed to find home page in the account also often on one. A further landmark is the provider’s customer support. You can with the service team by phone as a contact via email or contact form, this is certainly positive. Some vendors publish so-called video tutorials on her website and on YouTube. These describe the various functions and applications within the service and serve as an aid for the use. It is possible that many Questions to clarify beforehand and the entry into the matter one is facilitated. Also some providers for rate comparisons are on the Internet, as for example teltarif. There can be any time an overview of the tariffs of the various providers give. Here should be taken on a stability in the rates, party where large price fluctuations occur, is rather discouraged. Isabelle Tiede