Young Entrepreneurs

Best for young entrepreneurs that your products on favourable way via different media a wide audience would present. We are a small, young and dedicated team that has set itself the goal, to present many exceptional products and services in (un) conventional way the consumer. There are a number of artists, designers and small companies which have wonderful ideas and produce great articles. These articles are offered often only over the Internet in the own online shops, because the manufacturers have no own shop or a large dealer network. Thus have this no way also nationally to offer their products in a real-world environment.

Promobo starts at this point. Designers, artists and manufacturers of special article can present your goods in a store. Thus, the consumer has the opportunity to convince yourself first at all of these products to learn and, secondly, by the quality. The consumer can Cozy our branches stroll, while he himself informed wine of the wine from the region of unique articles (by small manufacturers) or the latest trend, such as the personalization of gifts, when a sample of tea or a free glass. In addition, the Promobo online shop on this selected range allows to access and to buy directly from our manufacturers. The manufacturer can open an online shop with us for free and thus save the cost for the establishment, maintenance and in particular advertising for your own shop. The first branch of Promobo was opened on Nov 1, 2009 in Saarbrucken, Germany. The next branch in Berlin opened on the 01.07.2010. For more information on Mareike Rimpl