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Joomla is one of the main systems of content management that are available to the owners of web sites, developers, and designers. Since it is open source, you can download it and install it on a web server for free. For those looking for a powerful and intuitive way to handle the large amount of content, while maintaining a professional appearance on the Web, Joomla can offer all of this. A little history Joomla born of separation between the development team and the organization that hired them. The team decided to split up due to internal conflicts about the values of open source and the violation of the terms of the agreement.

As a symbol of the spirit of open source, the name, Joomla, is derived from the word in swahili meaning all together. The first version was released in September 2005 and since then she has received numerous awards and a group of followers around the world. As regards its acceptance as a content management system, Joomla was downloaded more than 2.5 million times after his release. Sleek, professional look for those clients who are looking for a stylish image and professional on the Internet, there are many tools offered by Joomla. The visual quality and appearance of the web site are very important. Any business or professional group knows the fact that appearance is vital for success. Joomla-based sites benefit from its clean and well established design.

As in any system of content management, content, i.e., the images, the texts and videos are not linked to any particular look. One of its main advantages is that the design of the web site can change very quickly and without much effort. Joomla templates can cause the amazing changes in the appearance of the site in just a few steps. What is a Joomla template? A Joomla template is simply a collection of files that are developed to control the appearance of the site, working with the Joomla core. Simply place the template files in the directory on the server and your Joomla site You can put them into practice. To select the template that is active, the site can suffer radical changes in its design. Templates are divided into three categories: free, not free, and personal. Many web developers and designers offer free templates and you can download in format of open source packages. Not free Joomla templates are available for purchase and are of high quality. Finally, a website owner can hire a Web Developer or a web designer so that he believes a new Joomla template for your site. This last option is the most expensive but ideal for fantastic results. There is lot of competition in the market of templates. And it’s perfect for the improvement of the quality of templates. As a content management system, Joomla offers the possibility to manage the content of your web site much easier. It is very comfortable to keep your original and professional site with the help of the template-based design approach. With all these features and advantages, Joomla offers a powerful way to deploy and maintain a flexible and modern website.