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These days I have been sitting, due to a neck pain that practically did not allow me to move the neck up and down, when the doctor asked in that worked, and to learn that he spent much time in front of my pc, I said, it is clear to not feel very well, since you have a flawed stooped posture, and if you don’t change goes right to the cervical arthrosisto la pucha told me, as my pc no dejo or jokingly, I said – very well we will investigate which must be the best stance or more advisable that allow me to work various hours and somehow prevent future injury. I began to investigate and the information is fairly simple, collected mainly from two sources and here present what has to be done, if they want to continue working and not get to the happy little threat from my doctor. Dr. Frederic Gerr, research on ergonomics from the University of Iowa, United States, has been studying the skeletal muscle injury related work since the mid-1990s. These are some of the Gerr councils for prevent discomfort and pain caused by the use of the computer: allow the keyboard to be below the height of the elbows is fine leaning back a little in the seat. To hold the forearm, bring the keyboard backwards, away from the edge of the desktop in order to be able to rest your arms on the table.

Elbows can be bent more than 90 degrees. When you type doesn’t really matter if the elbow is 90 or 100 or 110 degrees, he assured Gerr. If necessary, use a template are soft rubber foam to rest the wrist (that is not thicker than the keyboard), and help you be right during the I typing and minimize the inclination upward doll which can lead to injury.