The Verdict

However, version 5.0 is only functional in the Window operating system and still missing is knowing when and that way can be made available for Mac and mobile devices, for example. The joint communique which both systems online communication published at the end of September spoke of deep integration, that doesn’t seem to be what the provisional union of these resources appears to demonstrate. Although no data has not been announced, that deeper integration will be extended in new implementations that users shall be given the opportunity to download in the coming weeks or months. Social communication in Internet gurus have signed up to make their bets. Proposed, in view of what is happening in the landscape of social networks, a Skype as a stand-alone service, as we know it, now with the improvements of their link and reach with Facebook;.

Gurus are posed that Facebook strategy is the integrated telephony services in its platform and that the action of the interrelationship with Skype is the first step on that path. An argument that has always been considered as the North toward which must direct all steps and evolutions of the social platforms to give meaning to their proposals, their reasons for being and its very future existence. A fact that is pointed out from the first moment in which has been known platforms Skipe-Facebook integration is the consideration of whether Skype capability, the robustness of your system is adequate to handle a volume of contacts as large as which hosts Facebook, now and in the future. Time, usage, and the verdict of the users will be the judges of the validity of this integration. Facebook and Skype finally speak the same language. Original author and source of the article