The Secret World

The Secret World (abbr. TSW) – massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), developed by Norwegian studio Funcom. The game takes place in our time, in a world similar to ours, but which, together with the ordinary things and ordinary people coexist magic and mythical monsters. On its development, developers thought since 1997, but active development began only in 2002. Heated public interest messages and mysterious puzzles May 11, 2007 Funcom officially announced the game. Contents * 1 Setting * 2 * 3 Factions Key features * 4 * 5 Comments Links Setting The World tsw on the one hand reflects our modern world with the everyday bustle, urbanistichesskimi landscapes of cities, cars and etc. But he has another side – a secret world – a world of magic, a world of ancient myths, the world of global conspiracy and powerful factions fighting for global domination, a world in which even the modern city harbor secrets.

Fraction * Templars hold extreme right-wing position: lofty spiritual standards make their hard-line fighters against evil. People far removed from religion, they might seem fanatical, but the Templars draws strength in its unwavering faith. This secret society traces its history since the foundation of Babylon, and their modern base is located in London. Ragnar Tornquist said that in a game they would have been very very positive guys, if not for their excessive fanaticism, which sometimes causes them to be resolved on desperate measures. * Illuminati will become the antagonists of the Templars. Ambitious and ruthless, in the name of the struggle for power they do not shun anything: no blackmail, no slander, no betrayal. The Illuminati are the sworn enemies of the Templars.

They had to leave Europe in the seventeenth century, so that they now operate out of their underground base, which is located in New York. At that time, as the Templars well suited to the selection of members in his organization, the Illuminati did not specifically look at past candidates. The main thing is that they are sufficiently ambitious and wanted to climb the hierarchical ladder of society. * Dragons – is a kind of dark horse. Rather difficult to define their worldview, because they occupy a middle position between "good" Templars and the "bad" Illuminati. They are guided by the teachings of Sun Tzu, laid them in The Art of War. " Their main virtue is patience, but they also do not hesitate to pit enemies to each other with clever lies. Their base is located in Seoul. Key Features * The game will take place New York, London and Seoul today. * No classes and levels. Role-playing system based on the development of individual skills and abilities. * The combat system will be dynamic and reminiscent of shooters from the third person. * Puzzles are is part of the gameplay and to develop a character similar battles. * Global PvP based on the confrontation of the three factions in the struggle for life "anima". Modern graphics, used engine from Age of Conan.