The Sage

I don’t agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it. (Voltaire) It is a challenge to all mankind this approach, create a new system based really on tolerance, respect and the union of looks in the same and common future. Foundations of the new global system: FUTURHUMANO some topics do not merit a confrontation. The Sage is not only he who knows but who knows to put things in their rightful place. It will give to each thing the importance that deserves without exceeding. The wise will be in disagreement on many issues but will recognize that only some very essential deserve the dedication of the whole man. It will tolerate minor errors, because a combative attitude would bring greater evils.

Instead, the fundamentalist, is capable of giving life or demand by unimportant subjects. You don’t know to put each problem in place. Tolerance and respect for the dignity of persons are higher goods to the certainties that each group might want to impose by force on fellow citizens. The wise man will try to defend their ideas against what they consider errors of their fellow citizens but will have to do with the means that allows the democratic legality. The radical, instead of using the democratic channels using violent methods to achieve their goals.

The fanatic, radical, the dictator believe that the end justifies the media. It is necessary to separate the Sin from the sinner. Although we have to be intolerant and reject evil, sin, and the vices always and without exception we must respect and love unconditionally to the person committing these evil acts. We loathe the vices, not people. With that attitude, we can fulfil the commandment of love enemies that only can live when we distinguish, discern and separate the person from their actions. In this way it is possible to reject evil, be intolerant with him and, however, be tolerant and sympathetic with who commits it.