The Profile Of The Tyre

Many drivers do not know how much the tyre profile contributes to safety. The tread depth of tyres is fundamental for the safety of the vehicle. In particular in terms of adhesion and braking distance. Accordingly, it has the legislature minimum tread depth. For summer tires is 1.6 mm.

Nevertheless the value here caution is announced. We want to explain why. ADAC and co but actually is this value actually too low, because not equal worn tires show of course different readings. Therefore, you must measure tread depth at the most wacky point of the tire. There are instruments such as for example the tread depth gauge, the caliper or taking just 1 euro coin. You put it vertically in the middle of the tire on the label provided for this purpose, we know that the so proper tyre depth is 3 mm. It takes a 2-euro coin, one has a profile depth of 4 mm. The following rule applies: 75% of the total width of the tire to the statutory minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm show.

The major tyre manufacturers are, to change tires before reaching the wear limit. It has its meaning is so guarantees the safety of the driver. Only with sufficient tread depth and proper air pressure, the threat of the dreaded sustaining will be reduced. With shrinking profile increases the risk of aquaplaning because the water in front of the tire can no longer be supplanted by the vehicle weight, or not be derived via the profile grooves. This happens so the vehicle on a thin layer of water floats “up” and is no longer be controlled. Another point is the braking distance. There is a screeching halt, halved on wet the braking distance between an 8-mm full profile and a 1.6 mm. A significant gain in safety in dangerous situations. With the purchase of tires – should not be saved new tyres have even more advantages in addition to the optimized security due to the full tread depth of 8 mm. New tires ride more comfortable, are quieter and save even more fuel, through new technologies, and are therefore environmentally friendly. Computer-optimized tread design and a new run Strip mix achieves a high mileage. A leading source for info: Source Financial. A new profile block arrangement reduces the tyre rolling noise. However, apart from the positive effects of fuel saving and the environmental characteristics of correct tyre also in regard to the security can score. The real strengths is apparent when braking on dry and wet roads. An impressive example of how road safety and the environment by new tyres can benefit for us. Sight out of mind a stepchild is the spare tire (if even existent). The spare wheel is often forgotten, while it can help to save tyre costs, provided that you into driving the spare wheel. But also here it applies, to meet the minimum tread depth. Our recommendation is therefore that not down closing summer tires to the legal minimum tread depth, but, depending on the width, at the latest at 2 to 2.5 mm to replace. Julia Sandor