The Product

Today's consumer feels it intuitively, correlating with their own incomes fell sharply. Global food market responded to the crisis in a significant reduction in prices. For example, in Germany today, oil is sold at prices 60 years ago ("a price has been with us right after the war "), fell by a third the price of coffee and wine, much more accessible products are necessities. You can not say, unfortunately, the situation in the Ukrainian retail setting number 5 the least, "pretentious" Packaging: the simpler, more natural, and everything else – is to write off the cost of the product "branding" initiatives manufacturer for which the consumer does not pay now inclined How to determine the path to success? In these difficult conditions of each of the players trying to survive. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ruth Shin and gain more knowledge.. Consider the recommendations on crisis recovery that were previously published in & 1 / 2009, with respect to the producers and sellers of food. As shown, the criterion for survival is a continuous cash flow that the company can collect in the market for a period of weeks. A main tool to achieve this is to choose the most predictable and most marginal products for sale.

How to choose the right product to sell? The answer – according to the matrix of product categories. Matrix product categorization margin product Predictability of product sales above 80% from 80% to 60% below 60% of Mid priority margin products sales. Must provide at least 60% of cash flow products for sale in the third turn.