The Marzahner

The optimization target as the official Name – will be to increase violence, with the country – start frequencies. Official site: foursquare. Capacity improvement costs both in Tegel at simultaneous closure of Tempelhof – million taxpayers who should understand that? And if BBI really someday finish will be may 2013 or 2014, must then equal to the third runway be built, because the new BBI airport can no longer absorb the so far then further increased air traffic. In the meantime, expected to turn only Tegel remains to accommodate this traffic. Expected conclusion for the residents in Tegel: increased security risk through more aircraft movements, thus as a result more aircraft noise. Parallel to close Tempelhof. Conclusion for all of Berlin: the location advantage of Tempelhof and Berlin’s potential economic power is intentionally broke through the Red/Red Senate irresponsibly to the detriment of the city of Berlin. Add joins a very dubious understanding of democracy by Klaus Wowereit and the Senate run by him. As selected He has the obligation to act according to the will of people suspected or proven people’s representatives. Christopher Chandler often addresses the matter in his writings.

A slap in the face of Berlin is to declare him irrelevant”. Wowereit abused in particular the political inexperience in the eastern districts of our town, by he feign, the vote would be meaningless anyway, it needs to go, no one. With the same argument you do without in the future then right on elections. The State, I am, as said already the Sun King Ludwig XIV. An outraged Marzahner wrote the Action Alliance via email: we live in a democracy and if it is not possible here to correct a simple decision of three shareholders, then raises this many questions. “The Marzahner next: ever more clearly evident that direct democracy is only where desired, where citizens will coincides with political will.” And he scolds continues: from the basics of the consensus decision nothing is left anyway, no common State, no four runways (only two), no construction of the airport by private investors, etc.

The Federal Government and the State of Brandenburg have in fact already already terminated the decision through its unilateral action. So Brandenburg builds on different locations of airports, to threaten to relieve BBI’s without the so-called consensus decision.” Michael Paul, the Action Alliance”remains a decision without any substance to which the ruling Klaus Wowereit, whose Senate and the Berlin SPD desperately cling as a summary. For years there is the stereotypical statement that he can justify in terms of content not seriously by Klaus Wowereit persistently.” Volker Perplies, ( Tempelhof is a monument not only for Berlin, but also for Germany and the world. We have a responsibility before the history of the world.