Initially, the company had proposed that you affect 8,500 workers. The three-year plan will be voluntary. There are three bands of compensation: under the age of 53, from 53 to 61 years, and from 61 to 65. Telefonica of Spain will assume the total cost of the employment reduction record of the workers concerned, including unemployment and social security for their membership dues payment, so it has reduced the maximum number of employees within a period of three years from 6,500 to 8,500. Telefonica sources pointed out that to bear the full cost of the ERE, a portion of the funds that were earmarked for the reduction of employment must employ the payment of costs that normally assumes the State by what the most affected will be 6,500 fixed telephony, 20% of the template, the same number as announced initially.

The same sources pointed out that although they have no obligation to assume these costs, they understand that Telefonica is a company l for the Spanish economy. First meeting of the negotiations to link ERE to the collective agreement which is now negotiating in parallel, the validity of this would also at age three. The management of Telefonica and unions held this Tuesday the first meeting of the negotiation of the ERE whose memory was filed last Thursday with the Ministry of labour. According to sources from the trade unions, the address has raised a social plan of reduction of employment to three years for a maximum of 6,500 workers, voluntary, universal and non-discriminatory. Several groups plan envisages compensation for Strip workers age of 53 years wishing to adhere to the plan; Another Strip from 53 to 65 years who would charge a 34% 66% of salary and from 61 to 61 years since then could ask for early retirement, and a third strip of 61 to 65 years. UGT, which since it was discussed the possibility of Telefonica to assume the cost, was shown counteracts this possibility, pointed out at the meeting its total opposition to this measure as well as the proposal of the company. For his part CC OO which along with UGT is majority Union, pointed out in a press release that the social plan delivered by Telefonica does not correspond to the presented memory last week by what must be removed and present a new and which confirms that the initial plan not assumed nor consensus nor a request from trade unions.

He accuses Telefonica of improvisation and says that she is not aware that plays with the expectations of the template. ERE with fewer benefits, according to CC OO CC OO defends that the cost of the ERE is being funded with public money but that the fact that Telefonica paid entirely cannot mean a cut in the provision or a change in conditions. He says that according to the approaches of this Tuesday, the ERE would be lower benefits than the previous ones of past years. ERE negotiations resume next Tuesday and the negotiators have 30 days to reach an agreement. Telefonica sources stressed the intention of the operator to continue to invest in the sector in Spain and recalled that in 2010 its investments accounted for 40% made by the entire sector, with an increase of 4% on the previous year. Source of the news: Telefonica will assume the total cost of the ERE, which will cut 6,500 workers